A few words

In a nutshell, WEFIA is a state-of-the-art framework developed entirely by our company. It is a web application built on Asp.Net, IIS, and Sql Server technologies. Its organizational structure and innovative solutions make it one of the most powerful and efficient web application development tools available. !

Development of WEFIA began in 2015 and has continued to grow and improve through releases and successful deployments, primarily in Greece but also internationally. Taking into account all of our partners' feedback and suggestions, WEFIA today serves the needs of many businesses and organizations by combining the best features of open source and commercial software!

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting edge technology



WEFIA has been developed on top of the popular Microsoft Asp.Net framework and mainly uses the C# language. It incorporates its own smart MVC pattern, through which the development of new classes becomes a game, allowing the developer to "accelerate" significantly the development time of the application.



Thanks to its powerful architecture, the framework allows WEFIA to work with any database system (RDBMS and more) according to the speed and data volume requirements of the application. The connection is achieved through a very powerful engine called Bone.


Scalable architecture

The developers can develop new plugins or themes without having to intervene in the architecture of the application's core by using any .net programming language.



Which allows any third-party application to communicate bidirectionally with the framework. It also gives it the ability to communicate easily, playing the same role as web services in systems with limited communication capabilities.

Source Code

100% our own product

Every line of code in the application has been written by our team with great love and care. This allows us to quickly develop your ideas on our application and always ensure the quality and reliability of the final result.


100% responsive and modern UX

In the age of mobile devices, every application needs to be adapted to all resolutions. The modern and fully responsive environment of WEFIA (front end and admin area) offers the ultimate experience in navigating and managing the application.


100% Speed, Performance & Reliability

In WEFIA, a lot of web applications have been developed in the last few years and in all of them the common point is reliability and performance. From a complex content management system (CMS), Omnichannel and a modern e-commerce store with integrated ERP capabilities, to a booking system for tourism businesses with ERP, CRM or mobile application integration, WEFIA is a powerful tool for any developer in the development of electronic applications.


Sections in which solutions have been developed with WEFIA

Retail (B2C)

Wholesale (B2B)

Hotel booking systems

Travel package and tour booking systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Food service

Industrial and construction sector

Measurement systems (Verification of greenhouse gas emissions - monitoring of DEDDHE pillars)

Registration systems

Sampling and ordering systems