What is a CMS?

Το A content management system (CMS) is a web application that allows the administrator of the application to edit the website's content, including text, videos, images, etc. online. The management and changes are made easily and immediately, so that the administrator and visitors of the website can see them.

The changes and modifications made to the website's content can be done from any computer connected to the internet, without the need for special software or technical expertise. This makes it easy for non-technical users to update and maintain a website, without having to rely on web developers for every change.

WEFIA has built-in powerful Content Management System with all the modern tools that make the managing of the content of your website or your web application developed with it easy.

Develop an unlimited number of articles - pages.

Develop as many pages as you want and for as many languages as you want without limitation. The articles can follow a hierarchical structure (parent-child) and the application takes care of displaying them based on the hierarchy you set without you having to do anything.

Unlimited number of languages

WEFIA provides the ability to have an unlimited number of languages that can be changed at any time in terms of which one is the primary one. Using the innovative multilingual fields that the application has, updating the page in the supported languages is very easy as all the objects (such as pages or products) of the site remain structurally the same in every language provided, maintaining their basic characteristics unchanged. This specific feature is also one of the innovations of the application, as in contrast to WEFIA, most open-source applications on the market force the administrator to set up the structure of the site in every language with each object essentially existing multiple times, as many as the languages of the site. This automatically implies a larger database size, poor site management and much more complexity.

Internal search engine

WEFIA includes both general and advanced search options with filters for each type of circuit it has. Each object in the application can be searched from a list of objects of the same type with user-specified filters by applying server-side processing techniques and pagination of results to avoid overloading the website's functionality.

Integrated Content Builder and WYSIWYG Editor

WEFIA incorporates the most modern tools for managing content on pages and articles. It offers a choice per article, page or product between WYSIWYG Editor (Tiny MCE) and Visual Content Builder, which allows you to drag and drop ready-made text and image snippets on the screen, making updating and building pages a pleasant experience.

Dynamic forms

Create simple or complex forms for any use (e.g. Complex questionnaires, online contests, market research, etc.). The administrator can define the fields and the display of each form, the recipients and the sending methods.

Modern file manager

The WEFIA application incorporates a file manager for managing files, images, and any other type of file (such as text and PDF files). The file manager allows the import of meta data for each file individually, and the ability to download these files by visitors (either all or selected) of the website (again using rights). The file manager also provides the ability to upload files in bulk with a progress bar to display the upload status, the ability to categorize files in unlimited levels of folders, and advanced search based on keywords or filtering by file type.

Unlimited users and access levels

By using roles assigned to the application's users, you can specify at what levels of the page the registered users will have access to. Hide articles from simple visitors or give access to specific content to certain users or groups of users. Similarly, give editing capabilities to the system to specific users who will have access only to the circuits and records that you will allow them to..

Integrated search analytics

See in real-time what customers are searching for on your website's internal search engine. You can collect valuable information that will help you draw conclusions about your audience and improve your content for better organic search results.

Integrated SEO engine

WEFIA provides fields to define Meta data for each available language, such as Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Friendly URL, and Structured Data, for every page or object displayed by search engines (articles, products, categories, etc.) in order to achieve the best possible performance in search engines. It also has an automatic generation of a Google sitemap with the option to choose which objects to include and to set the priority and frequency for each object in the catalog file.

Editor templates

By using the editor templates create ready-made text templates that you can call and integrate wherever you use the WYSIWYG Editor or Content Builder in the application, this way you are avoiding unnecessary mistakes and of course valuable time. Also the editor templates can be used as template messages which you can choose in the various functions of the website such as sending messages to users or sending auxiliary messages to users.

Ability to cut and paste

In all circuits of the application the possibility of cloning (copy) or transfer (cut) is offered, where a hierarchical structure of father - children is followed (as is the case with the articles).

Mailing lists

Use the mailing lists to collect email accounts from your customers in order to send newsletters. The application always sends emails to those who subscribe, in order to ensure their explicit consent, as required by law. You can export the confirmed emails at any time to Excel. Additionally, it provides the ability to connect with external newsletter sending applications such as Mailchimp, Sender.Net, GetResponse, and MooSend.

Popup messages

Use pop-up messages for informational or advertising purposes wherever you want on your page. Choose the way and the time of display by adjusting how often the visitor will see the message, the duration of the message, the display and the hide effects.

GDPR Ready

WEFIA is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which describes how you can acquire, store, and process the personal data of customers and visitors to your online store or website. The system fortifies your website with mechanisms that comply with the new regulation, which will protect you and your company, but primarily your customers and the data they entrust to you daily through your website.